Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater industry

When structures fail or are in jeopardy of failing, finding a fast, trusted, and economical solution is preferred by all involved. Fortunately for specifying engineers, Afzir has spent over 20 years pioneering advanced construction technologies utilizing Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products. Our FRP products have been selected to rehabilitate and retrofit infrastructures worldwide, with award-winning results. Applications include: buildings, walls, beams, roofs, columns, piles, bridges, utility poles, cellular towers, pipes, culverts, tunnels, chimneys, smokestacks, tanks, and more! Our solutions are faster and more economical than traditional repair methods, because our products are exceptionally strong, versatile, light-weight, durable, and work equally well on concrete, masonry, steel, and timber. 

Reinforcing manholes with FRP

Reinforcing manholes with FRP

In short, Afzir provides the savings, speed, versatility, and durability owners, engineers, and contractors need to repair and strengthen vital infrastructures on time and within budget.

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