Acid Proof Coatings

Acid Resistive Linings

Installation of Acid resistant linings for industrial process vessels or industrial flooring systems requires first class installation and quality of workmanship to ensure that there are no failures of these critical process linings. For floor systems, it is important to make sure your lining is durable enough to withstand the expected exposures, whether it is resistance to highly corrosive applications or needs to be a clean surface for the food industry. A properly installed Acid Proof lining can be expected to last for many years, assuming a proper maintenance program is maintained. Our years of experience and exceptional performance in this critical lining application, allows us to take pride in our ability to install an Acid Proof lining that will fit with your specific needs. Acid Proofing is applied in a wide range of industries where floors, equipment, walls and ceilings may come into contact with strong chemicals and other substances that could compromise their integrity. Several determining factors must be taken into account when selecting anAcid Proof flooring solution. ​​Nowadays Afzir, is offering to its customers a wide range of applications to meet the requirements of the project. Currently, Afzir, carries the following flooring materials:

    • Direct Bond Brick Flooring
    • Vitrified Tile Flooring
    • Membrane Systems


Acid Proof Coatings
Acid Resistant Tiles Linings


 Protecting concrete and steel surfaces from corrosion requires the correct selection of a lining system and a proper application of the lining itself to get the best resist to chemical corrosion. Our Acid Proof division is an industry leader in the application of the different systems as: Monolithic lining systems, brick/tile lining, stone flooring, polymer concrete and other chemical/ temperature/mechanical resistant solutions for corrosion control. Afzir Acid Proof team has a wide experience in coating new or existing concrete floors and structures, concrete restorations, chemical processing and storage, primary and secondary containments and lining.

Our Acid Proofing services are:

  • Acid Proof Brick
  • Chemical Resisting Cements & Mortars
  • Acid Proof Brick and Tiling Work
  • Epoxy Floor Coating & Epoxy Lining
  • Precious Metal Processing Vessels
  • Nozzle injection grouting
  • Wear resistant impact pads

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AFZIR supports the designers in providing a special service of design consultancy which makes it possible to collaborate with our experienced experts on the strengthening of structures.

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AFZIR has developed a series of support tools for making a proper choice of materials and offering appropriate technical solutions, regarding mechanical property of materials and projects condition.

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