Medium Density Cementitious Fireproof Coatings


Afzir medium density SFRM is a Wet Mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM), designed to provide fire protection for structural steel where higher levels of physical abuse or traffic may be anticipated.

Afzir medium density SFRM is a Portland cement based formulation which provides protection in virtually any environment where a medium density material is specified.

The thermal performance advantages of Afzir medium density SFRM result in reduced installed costs and provide industry leading physical performance and application efficiencies that are unsurpassed.

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  • Meets or exceeds all major fire protection specifications for Commercial Structures including ANSI/UL263, ASTM E119, CAN/ ULC-S101.
  • Designed to provide an efficient solution to achieve bond strengths in excess of 430 psf (20.6 kpa), thus meeting the requirements of the current International Building Code (IBC) for buildings 75’ to 420’ feet (23 to 128 meters) tall.
  • Provides up to 4 hour fire resistance ratings.
  • Offers LEED building credits for recycled content.
  • Offers the best fire resistance performance per unit thickness of any Medium Density Wet mix SFRM.
  • Exceptional adhesion properties ensure long term performance in environments where limited abuse and aesthetic exposure is anticipated.
  • The Portland cement- based formulation has proven its durability through the harshest of tests including blast overpressures of up to 1.88 atmospheres (2 bar) and subsequent fire exposure tests.
  • Worldwide manufacturing facilities ensure timely availability.


Product Uses

Provides up to 4 hours rating on structural steel columns, beams, joists, trusses, floor and roof deck assemblies in commercial construction. Designed for use to exceed the 430 psf (20.6 kpa) requirement for high rise construction.

The durable surface and Portland cement based formulation of the product make it well suited for application in areas which may be subjected to high levels of abuse and such as mechanical rooms, perimeter steel structures, and parking garages.

Medium Density Cementitious Fireproof Coatings
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Afzir Company offers you a wide range of medium density SFRM’s for many applications including fireproofing of steel structures.

Medium Density Cementitious Fireproof Coatings
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