Aramid Wrap AFRP

aramid frp

Aramid fibers (also known as aromatic polyamide fibers) have high strength, a high elastic modulus, and 40% lower density than glass fibers. The cost of aramid fibers is higher than glass and basalt fibers making them less common in structural applications. In addition, aramid fibers will absorb moisture so careful storage and planning of a project using aramid fibers is critical until the fibers have been impregnated with a polymer matrix.

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Aramid fiber unidirectional fabric has excellent mechanical properties and can be applied in various forms of reinforcement. Aramid fiber unidirectional fabric has the properties of resisting bend, shearing, compression seismic and wind, durable usage, controlling extension of fissure and deflection and strengthening the ductility of structures.

Aramid fiber unidirectional fabric has excellent chemical stability that it can prevent the reinforced and repaired structures from being damaged by acid, alkali, salt and ultraviolet erosion. Aramid fiber unidirectional fabric has the strong ability of adapting to climate change and fire retardant coating can easily cover the reinforced structures to prevent fire. What’s more, aramid fiber unidirectional fabric has unique advantages compared to traditional means that it can strengthen the adaptation of structures towards severe external environment to prolong the life of the structure; and the light weight and high strength of aramid fiber unidirectional fabric will add almost no volume and weight to the structure.

The operation of aramid fiber unidirectional fabric is quite easy that it can be operated with small electric tools and in a limited space that the traditional technology cannot meet. The application of aramid fiber unidirectional fabric will greatly shorten the work stoppage; greatly reduce the economic losses and social influence for its fast speed, short construction period and operation in the continuous traffic vibration condition.

For the flexibility of aramid fiber unidirectional fabric, it can closely connected to the structure, will not change the shape of the structure and suitable for the coating. As a result, the reinforcement traces will not be seen.

Technical parameters of unidirectional fabric


  • Dense uniform fabric.
  • Easy to shape
  • High strength, high tenacity, anti-corrosion, good insulation.


Apply on structural elements in retrofitting & strengthening projects.

Aramid Wrap AFRP
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