FRP Epoxy Adhesive


Epoxies are best known for their excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, mechanical properties, and outstanding electrical insulating properties. The chemical resistance of epoxies is excellent against basic solutions (best choice for brine tanks).

Epoxies are more expensive than polyesters, and cure times are longer, but their extended range of properties can make them the cost/performance choice for critical applications.

The epoxy resins are formed by a reaction of an epoxide (like epichlorohydrin) with a hardener or polyamine (like triethylenetetramine) that has tremendous cross-linking to create a very tough and yet stiff polymer. The viscosity of epoxies is another step higher than polyesters or vinyl esters.  Most epoxies start in the range of 900 centipoise.

Attributes of epoxy resins include extremely low shrinkage, good dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, good fatigue and adherence to reinforcements.

Given the extensive double bonding of the resin, normal shrinkage is less than might be expected based on its strength.

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Two component epoxies feature unique versatility in application and performance. These systems consist of a resin and a hardener that can be formulated to offer a wide range of mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical properties. While mix ratios differ, they all offer the ability to cure at ambient temperatures or at elevated temperatures for faster cures.

Advantages of Epoxy Resin Systems

Afzir two part epoxy adhesive systems can produce assemblies mechanically equivalent to or stronger than conventional metal fastened parts at a lower cost and weight. They also offer:

  • Resistance to vibration and shock
  • Ability to withstand thermal cycling
  • Fast cures at ambient temperatures
  • Gap filling capability
  • Exceptional adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Uniform stress distribution
  • Long-term durability
  • Easy application
  • Solvent free formulation
  • Dimensional stability
FRP Epoxy Adhesive
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Afzir Company will provide you various types of Epoxy Resins for FRP systems.


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