FRP Epoxy Thixotropic


Thixotropic adhesives generally refer to thick paste-like adhesives whose viscosities can be changed when shaken, agitated or otherwise stressed. The viscous nature of our adhesives can be modified through the use of fillers and regulation of the curing temperature to best suit your application needs. Master Bond’s specialty grade of thixotropic epoxy adhesives offer the best in flexibility, fast curing schedules and temperature & chemical resistance.

Key benefits to using thixotropic adhesives:

  • Ideal for use on vertical surfaces
  • Improved application
  • Improved coverage
  • Higher adhesive bond line thickness
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Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive is a two part, non-slump gel adhesive, designed to bond materials together or to inject into cracks, fissures and holes. Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive can be injected from a standard 400cc cartridge or applied directly from the mixing pot in a film as thin as 0.2mm.


Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive does not contain solvent or water, so can be applied to difficult substrates.

FRP Epoxy Thixotropic
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