Unidirectional Carbon Wrap CFRP

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is mainly used in the structural reinforcement of beam, column, wall, floor, piers and beam of building structures and is belived to be a very high-quality material for retrofitting projects. Carbon fiber repair consists of different forms and can be manipulated based on special application need. High strength, stiffness and other mechanical properties and low weight, has made carbon fiber composite an amazing material for structural repirs and retrofitting of a wide range of structures among other types of fibers. Carbon fibers make advantage of more strength and stiffness and better mechanical performance. The carbon fiber unidirectional fabric produced by AFZIR Company applies the high quality and high strength carbon fiber with special process, and characterized as even distribution of carbon fiber, small deviation in flatness and thickness and easy penetration of resin, giving full play to the reinforcement of carbon fiber.