FRP Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive

Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive is a two part, non-slump epoxy based impregnating resin / adhesive for fabric reinforcement for the dry application method, primer resin for the wet application system and structural adhesive for bonding FRP plates, also used as plaster to inject into cracks, fissures and holes. Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive can be injected from a standard 400cc cartridge or applied directly from the mixing pot in a film as thin as 0.2mm. Two-part cold-cure epoxy adhesives have generally been found to be most suitable for on-site bonding as they have good gap-filling properties, are thixotropic and have low curing shrinkage.

Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive does not contain solvent or water, so can be applied to difficult substrates. These unique adhesives are ideally suited for a wide range of electronic, electrical, industrial, structural, and jewelry applications.


        Download the Datasheet of FRP Epoxy Thixotropic