AFZIR strengthening Company’s services are divided into four general sections: providing specific solutions for retrofitting, implementation of retrofitting projects, commercial services and consulting services. The engineers of AFZIR Reinforcement Company are ready to provide a variety of new and common reinforcement methods according to the current regulations of the world, taking into account the existing conditions on structural systems. Also, the sales and trade section of AFZIR Reinforcement Company offers all kinds of materials required for retrofitting systems with the highest world quality.

Provide specific retrofitting solutions

Engineers of AFZIR strengthening Company, according to the current conditions of the projects, provide special retrofitting solutions in accordance with the latest internal and external regulations and instructions. These solutions are provided to employers along with financial and time estimates.

Providing special solutions for retrofitting with FRP:

  • Increase the strain of concrete columns using FRP twists
  • Flexural reinforcement of concrete beams with FRP laminate
  • Shear reinforcement or increase the ductility of concrete beams or columns with FRP
  • Flexural and shear reinforcement of concrete shear walls with FRP materials
  • Flexural and shear reinforcement of slabs
  • Increased resistance to environmental factors such as corrosion, humidity, temperature change and….
  • Repair and increase the strength of existing vulnerable sections including cracking, freezing, honeycombing and…
  • Increase strength, service life, improvement and retrofitting of facilities and equipment of special structures
  • Prevent and eliminate leakage of installation systems
Sales and trading services

The commercial and business services department of AFZIR Company provides the required Materials for retrofitting solutions in your project. AFZIR Company, fully aware of the sensitivity of the materials used in the retrofitting of the structure and also the concern of the monitoring device about their quality, provides only the familiar and approved materials to be approved by the competent engineers of your project. All supply materials are from reputable international companies in this field, whose technical specifications have been approved by relevant tests in accordance with relevant standards. The offered FRP materials such as CFRP carbon fiber, GFRP glass fiber, laminate and carbon sheet and FRP epoxy adhesive have a valid serial number and are provided by the company at really competitive prices with after-sales service in Iran.

Execution of retrofit projects

Retrofit projects, due to their great detail and sensitivity, must be carried out by an engineering and expert executive team. Retrofit projects with composite and FRP systems must be carried out in accordance with standards and regulations for improvement and retrofitting. Increasing resilience is the project manager of admired employers and customers in the shortest possible time and the highest quality in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. After the completion of the structural reinforcement, the required tests are performed by the company to measure the quality of the work and to be approved by the monitoring device. Retrofitting of structures is done using FRP materials, concrete jacket, steel jacket, rebar planting, bolt planting in different elements of structures including beams, columns, walls, slabs, roofs and foundations of structures. AFZIR Reinforcement Company also provides certificates and approvals for building retrofitting for the implementation of FRP retrofit projects.

Consulting services

The expert of AFZIR strengthening Company provide consulting services, optimal solutions in accordance with the standards and regulations of improvement and retrofitting in accordance with the conditions of your project, which are approved by qualified engineers to design and engineering organization. All the presented plans along with time and financial estimates are the proposed method for strengthening concrete and steel structures, masonry buildings and old buildings against earthquake. All the required tests (ultrasonic test, rebar scan, Schmidt hammer, etc.) to check the condition of the existing structure are also performed by the company’s expert team. Seismic assessment, design and improvement of existing buildings in accordance with the rules of internal guidelines and publications such as 360, Aba Concrete Regulations, Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, Iranian Standard 2800 and international regulations such as FEMA 273, FEMA 274, FEMA 356, FEMA 357 and FEMA 547, ATC, NEHRP, SAC and TRI.