Afzir Retrofitting Company

Afzir Company holds the competency certificate from Management & Planning Organization of Iran. Afzir is an engineering & trading Company, Specialized in designing & application of FRP systems, structural rehabilitation, fire proofing & fire protection of structures, acid proof & corrosion-resistant protective coatings, sealing, epoxy & polyurethane floor coatings and equipment such as neoprene & thermal expansion of bridges in Iran. Our expertised & experienced engineers will help you through engineering, procurement & construction phases of various types of projects such as civil, petrochemical, water & sewage, etc.

Some of our trading services are listed below:

  • Providing retrofitting products including carbon, glass & aramid FRP fibers, carbon FRP laminates, epoxy resins, injectable adhesive anchors, bolts & anchors, resins, thixotrops, grout, putties, FRP epoxy primer, carbon & glass chopped fibers, FRP carbon & glass anchors.
  • Providing products for fire proofing of buildings & structures including intumescent paints & sprayed coatings.
  • Providing Waterproofing, protective coatings & FRP linings such as concrete waterproofing materials, resins, industrial epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, vinyl ester, phenolic, silicon paints and other acid proof & corrosion-resistive materials.
  • Providing bridge equipment including neoprene, thermal expansion, dampers & isolators.

مقاوم‌سازی اجزای بتن با کامپوزیت FRP

Retrofitting of

concrete structures

using FRP

Retrofitting of concrete structures using FRP

Retrofitting of beams, columns, walls & slabs using carbon, glass or aramid FRP composite & epoxy resin to increase ductility and compressive, tensile, and flexural strength of structural elements under static & dynamic loads.

مقاوم‌سازی خطوط انتقال صنایع نفت و آب و فاضلاب

Repairing of water,

sewage , oil &

gas pipelines

Repairing of water, sewage , oil & gas pipelines

Using FRP anchors, fibers & laminates to prevent probable damages such as corrosion, cracks and leakage or to internal or external repair of water, sewage, oil and gas pipelines.

مقاوم سازی سازه های دریایی و شمع ها

Retrofitting of

off-shore structures

& piles

Retrofitting of off-shore structures & piles

Off-shore structures, piles and deep foundations are in exposure with alkaline soil which results in their corrosion and loss of strength & ductility. Using FRP composites one can improve both structural and chemical strength of these structures.

مقاوم سازی سیلوها و مخازن فولادی

Retrofitting of

silos &


Retrofitting of silos & tanks

Cement silos, pressurized steel tanks for water, gas or hazardous liquids storage, can be corroded or deteriorated because of the chemical they contain. By application of FRP material, we can increase their structural strength, in addition to increasing their resistance against corrosion, abrasion and heat. This will lead to a decrease in the further repair costs.

مقاوم سازی دودکشهای صنعتی برجهای خنک کننده

Retrofitting of

chimneys &

cooling towers

Retrofitting of chimneys & cooling towers

Industrial chimneys, smokestacks & cooling towers contain hot gas & smoke coming from furnace or boiler. Because of temperature or humidity changes and being in exposure with chemicals, these structures will lose their strength with time. FRP composite can help us improve structural and chemical strength of these structures.

مقاوم‌سازی چاهک‌های فاضلاب و کانال‌های زیرزمینی

Retrofitting of

manholes &


Retrofitting of manholes & utilities

Manholes will be corroded as a result of reaction with sewage gases such as hydrogen sulfide. By application of FRP composites, we can repair these manholes and prevent crack propagation.

مقاوم سازی پدستال ها و فونداسیونها با الیاف

Retrofitting of

foundations &


Retrofitting of foundations & pedestals

In industrial facilities, pedestals are used as a support for columns or equipment such as pumping systems. Vibrations of the equipment transmits to pedestals, causing cracking & spalling of the concrete. FRP retrofitting systems will increase these structures and prevents corrosion.

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