Glass Fibers (GFRP)

The Most Important Reasons For Using GFRP In The Construction Industry Are High Strength, Low Weight and The Right Price. The UnidirectionalGlass Fiber Fabric GWU™۴۰۰ is One of These Products, That Afzir Retrofitting Company Uses In Many Projects For Retrofitting, Rehabilitation and Repairing . In This Product, Fiber Oriented In The 0 Direction, It is Called Unidirectional Fibers.


Carbon Fibers (CFRP)

CWU™۲۰۰ is One Type of Unidirectional(UD) Carbon Fiber That Afzir Retrofitting Company Has Used It In Many Projects. FRP Carbon Fiber In Bidirectional and Unidirectional Form In The Construction Industry, Has a High Potential For Retrofitting and Reducing Damage. These Products Have High Strength and Low Weight and Are Made of Carbon Fiber and a Kind of Glue.


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Pipeline and Tanks Repair Solution

Repair Pipeline Solution

Repair Tanks Solution

Repair Concrete Pipes Solution

Repair Steel Pipes Solution

Repair Steel TanksSolution




Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing Concrete

Waterproofing Tanks

Waterproofing Tunnels

Waterproofing Retaining Walls

White Roofs

Roof Gardens

Waterproofing Products


Protective Coating

Polymeric Floor Coating

Steel Structures Coating

Protective Coating in Bridges

Protective Coating in Marine Structures

Protective Coating in Petroleum




Fire Resistant Solution

Steel Structures Fire Resistant Solution


Asbestos Textile

Spray Fire Resistant

Intumescent Paint

Furnace Paint

Fire Resistant Products


Afzir Retrofitting Company

Afzir Company holds the competency certificate from Management & Planning Organization of Iran. Afzir is an engineering & trading Company, Specialized in designing & application of FRP systems, structural rehabilitation, fire proofing & fire protection of structures, acid proof & corrosion-resistant protective coatings, sealing, epoxy & polyurethane floor coatings and equipment such as neoprene & thermal expansion of bridges in Iran. Our expertised & experienced engineers will help you through engineering, procurement & construction phases of various types of projects such as civil, petrochemical, water & sewage, etc.

Some of our trading services are listed below:

  • Providing retrofitting products including carbon, glass & aramid FRP fibers, carbon FRP laminates, epoxy resins, injectable adhesive anchors, bolts & anchors, resins, thixotrops, grout, putties, FRP epoxy primer, carbon & glass chopped fibers, FRP carbon & glass anchors.
  • Providing products for fire proofing of buildings & structures including intumescent paints & sprayed coatings.
  • Providing Waterproofing, protective coatings & FRP linings such as concrete waterproofing materials, resins, industrial epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, vinyl ester, phenolic, silicon paints and other acid proof & corrosion-resistive materials.
  • Providing bridge equipment including neoprene, thermal expansion, dampers & isolators.