Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

Zinc Rich Epoxy (EZPTM code) is a two-component enriched epoxy primer that protects corrosion of the substrate and steel surface both during maintenance and during the new construction phase. As a high-performance anti-corrosion primer, zinc-rich epoxy or zinc-enriched epoxy primer provides the highest protection as part of the coating system for corrosive environments including offshore structures, petrochemical equipment, bridges and power station on steel surfaces. It also has anti-corrosion coating of reinforcements and rebars.


What is Zinc Rich Epoxy and why is it called that?

Zinc Rich Epoxy is a type of protective primer for steel surfaces. Applying Zinc Rich Epoxy paint on steel surfaces creates a protective coating against rust as well as corrosion. Zinc Rich Epoxy Anti-Corrosion Product is a type of two-component zinc Rich Epoxy Primer. Zinc Rich Two-component epoxy paint has polyamide hardeners. In addition, zinc-rich epoxy primer is enriched with zinc metal. Because of these compounds, it is also known as Zinc Rich Epoxy Polyamide Primer.

What is the performance of Zinc Rich Epoxy in the structure?

Unlike conventional paints or epoxies, which resist corrosion by forming an impermeable layer between metal and air, zinc-rich epoxy primers provide corrosion protection by the electrolyte process. But what is the mechanism of Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer against corrosion? Instead of corroding the steel surface, at the end of the product, the corrosion process of zinc oxide will be in the form of a powder that remains from the zinc coating and acts as a protective coating for the steel; This greatly increases the service life of steel surfaces.

Why is it so important to maintain surfaces against moisture and corrosion?

If companies can invest in high quality coatings, they can save and reduce between 25 – 30 percent of their annual corrosion costs. Without proper coating, corrosion can have devastating effects on valves, motors, clamps, pumps, switches, belts, and other mechanical equipment.

The annual direct cost of infrastructure is about $ 22.6 billion. Corrosion costs a total of $ 47.9 billion annually for facilities such as water, electricity and gas.

  • Applying existing corrosion protection knowledge such as coatings can prevent and reduce up to 25% of corrosion costs.
  • Reduction of accidents: The risk of accident will be significantly reduced if the structures are free of corrosion. Work-related accidents cost $ 250 billion annually, many of which result from defective work equipment.
  • Save time: When the equipment does not function properly due to corrosion, it is a waste of time because after stopping the operation, delay in the production process will mean a loss.

How to use Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

Surfaces to be primed should be cleaned and sandblasted. Surface defects must be carefully noted and corrected. The primer should be mixed in two containers according to the instructions in the technical data sheet of the coating and a uniform content should be obtained.

This coating can be applied with a brush, airless spray or air spray. For airless spray, the fluid pressure at the spray tip must be maintained in accordance with the coating manufacturer’s specifications. In the case of brush use, the recommended membrane thickness should be maintained (typical figures are 50- 75 microns per layer). The thickness of the selected membrane should correspond to the technical specifications of the surface.

Tips on Zinc Rich Epoxy

It is interesting to know that zinc-rich epoxy primer contains 90% zinc metal in dry state. Zinc-rich polyamide epoxy primer can be used both in construction and in maintenance of structures. Zinc Rich or zinc-rich epoxy paint is mostly used in structures that are exposed to corrosion and rust, such as marine structures, petrochemical equipment, bridges, power plants, etc. Zinc Rich Epoxies have a wide variety of colors. Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer can be white, blue, yellow, gray, orange, and so on. In addition to protecting steel surfaces, this product also gives decorative effects to surfaces due to their color. For this purpose, Zinc Rich Epoxy is also known in the market as Zinc Rich Paint.

Types of Zinc Rich Epoxy

Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy

 In this category of zinc-rich epoxies, organic zinc metal is used for enrichment. In this type of zinc-based paints and coatings, resins such as epoxy, butyl and urethane are used. This type of coating is easier to apply than non-organic coatings. They also provide good coverage. These coatings are usually designed to contain 75% or more of zinc in the dry state. Hardeners in this type of coating surround zinc more than inorganic coatings. For this reason, the protection of organic coatings against corrosion is less than non-organic coatings. These types of coatings are often used to repair (non-organic) mineral coatings. Organic coatings are less resistant to heat and abrasion than inorganic coatings.

Inorganic Zinc Rich Epoxy

 In this category, mineral zinc is used for mineral enrichment. In this type of coatings, silicate adhesives are used. Inorganic coatings offer better corrosion protection than organic coatings. These types of coatings require very clean surfaces to apply. Good mechanical properties, high impact resistance and high resistance to scratches and abrasion are the characteristics of inorganic zinc-rich coating. Also, this type of coating has a good heat resistance up to a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius.

The price of Zinc Rich Epoxy (product code: EZPTM) is calculated as the price per kilo of Zinc Rich Epoxy paint. For information on how to buy and the price of Zinc Rich epoxy primer, you can call the numbers listed on the site.

The best brand of stainless steel or zinc Rich

What is the best epoxy stainless steel and what are its features? What is the price of the best Zinc Rich epoxy on the market?

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer ( EZP™ code ) is one of the best quality stainless steel bars in Iran. This primer is specially designed for lining systems whose durability and service life are considered. This primer is also a strong protector against corrosion and this feature makes this primer a perfect product.

Usually, the buyer chooses the product that has lower cost and higher quality in choosing the product according to the relationship between quality and price. But unfortunately, in some products, we see that with the decrease in price, the quality of the product also decreases significantly. Unlike these products, Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer (EZP ™ code) is a product of very good quality and excellent price that is suitable for a variety of uses.

Afzir Company specializes in structural reinforcement and is one of the reputable companies selling Zinc Rich Epoxy, which is trying to guide you to buy the best strong and economical primer. You can inquire about the price of Zinc Rich epoxy and its exact specifications by contacting the Afzir experts.

Epoxy primer protection mechanism

Initially, when the Zinc Rich epoxy primer and its top coat (such as FRP fabrics) are applied as a continuous layer on the substrate, the system will act as a shield against corrosive environments and can be used as a protective coating. The bed cover completely separates from the environment. If the protective function of Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer is to be considered, its mechanism must be fully understood.

As mentioned, the epoxy primer and the coating on it completely insulate and protect the substrate, but if this coating is defective and the substrate is exposed to corrosive environment, the Zinc Rich epoxy primer layer is applied to prevent corrosion, causes reactions (by sacrificial anodes) with corrosive substances to delay the onset of electrochemical reaction (corrosion) of the substrate. The amount of metal protection that is created depends on variables such as the purity of the primer, the presence of moisture, and the electrical conductivity between the substrate and the zinc particles. In fact, in an anode primer, the zinc used in it acts as a cathode on metal surfaces, and when the zinc particles are converted to a zinc oxide reaction, the metal protection is complete.

The price of per kilo of Zinc Rich paint and the average annual growth rate of its investment

The market for corrosion-resistant coatings is projected to increase from $ 6.9 billion in 2020 to $ 8.9 billion by 2025. The average annual investment growth rate of this primer between 2020 and 2025 was 5.3%.

Based on the application of zinc-rich epoxy paint and its type, it is expected that their consumer market will be different. Epoxy primer is widely used in corrosion protection coatings. This is due to its excellent adhesion, corrosion protection and chemical resistance properties of epoxy primer. The strength properties of epoxy based coatings can be enhanced by the appropriate addition of additives and modifiers to meet the required specifications.

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer is suitable for industrial, coastal, marine and freshwater environments. Commonly used for offshore platforms, stairs, refineries, steel tanks and petrochemicals and power plants, railways and other applications (pulp and paper mills, etc.). One of the key factors in the growth and development of this market is the expansion of the oil and gas market. Accordingly, the increasing use of epoxy primer as a protective coating is also expected to meet the demand created in the steel tank industry.

We hope that the global primer market will see a high growth in the production of epoxy primers and its increasing supply will lead to a reduction in the price of epoxy primers and improvements in the useful life of equipment.

The global market for Zinc Rich Organic Epoxy Primer was valued at $ 1 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $ 1 million by the end of 2027 and grow with CAGR (average annual investment growth rate) by 2021-2027.

Key Features

  • Ability to curing quickly, in humid or arid environments
  • Can be applied with high thickness, without cracking
  • Ease of primer application
  • Excellent adhesion to the surface (steel surfaces must be sandblasted before applying the primer)
  • Suitable for running with standard airless sprays (without the need for special equipment)
  • Creates high resistance for all types of surfaces and satisfies all quality requirements (requirements for the primer substrate are not strict, for example, surfaces that cannot be cleaned with sandblasting can be protected with zinc-rich epoxy primer).
  • Strong protection against corrosion
  • Affordable both in terms of time and economy
  • Top coat with different types of coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane, chlorinated rubber


  • Refineries
  • Power station
  • bridges
  • the buildings
  • Equipment available in the mines
  • Structures adjacent to the sea


  • 30 kg buckets


  • grey

technical specifications

Physical Properties



Mixing ratio(base : curing agent)


Volume solids ratio




induction time

30 min

Hard dry at 30 °C

12  hours

Full cure at 30 °C

7 days

Pot life

6 hours

For Contractors

In addition, Afzir company considers it obligatory to guide its customers with the utmost care and knowledge about the correct use and application of corrosion protection products and their safety and environmental tips. For this purpose, the experts of Afzir company are ready to answer customers’ questions about safety, executive and environmental issues. The names SDS and MSDS are available on the site. In addition, you can also refer to the technical data sheet and executive considerations.

Application Instructions

First stage (surface preparation)

The surface must be free of any contaminants such as grease, paint, dust, etc. before applying Zinc Rich Epoxy.

Second stage (composition of materials)

This product is two-component. Therefore, component A and component B must be combined according to the desired consumption and the ratios specified in the product data sheet.

Third stage (implementation)

After combining the product, it can be applied to the desired surface by using a brush or by spraying method. Note that this product has a high viscosity, so to apply it using a spray, a thinner can be used to dilute it. Note that the solution should not be diluted too much as it loses its ability to protect the surface against rust and corrosion. If it is necessary to apply several layers of epoxy zinc rich, a time interval of at least 24 hours must be observed between the application of each layer.

Note: This product hardens in 6 hours. Therefore, the time frame should be considered when applying zinc-rich epoxy.

technical documents

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zinc Rich Epoxy and why is it called that?

Zinc Rich Epoxy or Zinc Rich Paint (known in the market as Zinc Rich Paint) is a coating that is impregnated on steel surfaces and acts like stainless steel (of course with much greater efficiency) and finally with a steel member. (Meaning rebar) is buried in concrete; This type of epoxy is enriched with zinc metal.

What is the use of Zinc Rich Epoxy?

Zinc Reach epoxy paint is suitable for industrial, coastal, marine and freshwater environments. Commonly used for shore platforms, bridges, refineries, steel tanks and petrochemicals and power plants, railways and other applications (pulp and paper mills, etc.).

Zinc-enriched epoxy in what colors?

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer can be white, blue, yellow, gray, orange, and so on.

How many models are rich in epoxy paint?

Zinc-rich or organic paints composed of epoxies, chlorinated hydrocarbons and other polymers, or inorganic based on organic alkyl silicates.

What are the types of Zinc Rich Epoxies?

Zinc Rich Epoxy is available in both organic (organic matter) and inorganic (mineral) forms.

Is Organic Rich Zinc Epoxy Better or Mineral Rich Zinc?

Mineral zinc epoxy has a higher resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and also withstands heat up to a temperature of 400 ° C, but organic epoxy zinc Rich is easier to apply but has less warp.

What is the difference between organic zinc-rich epoxy and inorganic zinc-rich zinc?

Organic epoxy zinc uses organic metal-based zinc, while mineral zinc epoxy uses mined zinc; Butyl and urethane resins are used for organic Zinc Rich epoxy and carboxylate adhesives are used for mineral Zinc Rich.

How to apply Zinc Rich Epoxy on surfaces?

This coating can be applied with a brush, airless spray or air spray. For airless spray, the fluid pressure at the spray tip must be maintained in accordance with the coating manufacturer's specifications. In the case of brush use, the recommended film thickness should be maintained at 50 to 75 microns per layer.

Does the primer stop rusting?

The term rust inhibitor is commonly used to describe primers that contain zinc or zinc phosphate. Forms a rich primer on a sacrificial layer on a metal substrate. Zinc is more reactive than iron and in the presence of moisture, zinc oxide forms a sacrifice and prevents moisture and air from reaching the metal below.


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