Heat Resistant Silicon Paint

Heat resistant coatings are a special type of coatings that are capable to resist high heat temperatures for prolonged period of time. Silicone resins enhance heat resistance of paints and that’s why the paint will not degrade or tarnish quickly as conventional paints or coatings do. The heat resistant coatings differ from fire retardant paints. These coatings are sed to resist  fire damage. Heat but they cannot prevent combustible materials like wood from blazing. Heat resistant coatings are not designed to extinguish fire. The coatings only reduce chances of fire, and are functional and effective to control fire & reduce flammability of fuels by decelerating the combustion power for a limited time frame only. The fact remains, no element is completely incombustible. Heat resistant coatings are intumescent and swell up and increase in volume when subjected to high temperatures. The swelled up paint produces a shielding substance named ‘char’ which discourages heat conduction. This lends sufficient time for firefighters to take complete control or the area under fire. Heat resistant coatings come with fire retardant ratings showing the critical fire resistance sustainability.