Tile Adhesive

Currently, there are two types of adhesives for tiles an ceramics in form of paste or powder. Powder adhesives are these types of adhesives to be used  on the floor and in powder and dry form. Design and manufacture of this type of adhesive was based on mixing them with water. Also, due to the special formulation used in their construction, it is completely waterproof and resistant to water after drying. On the other hand, paste adhesives are  ready for use with no need for any additive, and is often used to paste ceramic tiles on gypsum, concrete, cement walls, old tiled surfaces and so on. This kind of adhesive is also a completely waterproof  after drying.

The amount of these types of adhesives varies according to the type of surface to be installed on. Typically, the amount of adhesive used for flat surfaces is about 3kg per meter.

Tile Adhesive Consumption Advises

  •  In gypsum and masonry walls, in order to prevent further problems, be sure to prepare all surfaces with cement mortar before installing.
  •  Observe the temperature during installation process  (Operational procedures for negative and low costs cause problems after installation).
  • Hatching the underlying surfaces during installation will always be effective in increasing the strength and adhesion strength.



Afzir Company will provide you the most proper Resin Anchoring Adhesive products for your project. We are the Iranian product distributer of the Companies below:
• Hilti (Germany)
• Fischer (Germany)
• Kalm (Germany)
• Memo (Germany)
• Team-Pro (France)
• Bosung (Italy)
• C-Tech (Germany)


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