Repairing of Pipes

Deteriorated and leaking pipes are a major concern for pipeline owners and operators. FRP products offer unique solutions particularly when strengthening existing pipelines are required. Afzir Company provides a complete line of products for pipeline renovation that can be found at www.Afzir.com.


Repairing type using FRP

External Pipe Wraps

Composite polymer fiber repairs offer a long term, maintenance free solution to even the most badly corroded pipes.  Fix corrosion under insulation, prevent microbial influenced corrosion, and repair structurally deficient pipes.  Even complete through wall failure can be repaired and rebuilt without costly pipe replacement.  Our flexible polymer fiber wrap system will conform to any shape and can be applied quickly and economically.  Contact Afzir for more information or to speak to an expert about your corrosion problems.

Buried Pipe Repair

Avoid the cost and hassle of excavation and pipe replacement with two unique buried pipe repair options from Afzir.  Our state of the art, hand layup fiber composite will build a structurally independent, corrosion proof pipe within your existing pipe.  Smaller diameter pipes and irregular shapes like corrugated pipe can be repaired and reinforced with a thick film (1/8 – ۱/۴ inch) spray applied structural lining.  Save time and money by asking the experts at Afzir how we can help solve all your problems with buried pipe, however big or small.

Advantages of repair of pipes with FRP include:

  • Most repairs are trenchless, requiring zero or minimal excavation
  • Can increase the pressure rating of the pipe significantly
  • Repairs can be done internally or externally
  • Minimal increase in wall thickness (typically ¼ inch (5mm))
  • The smooth FRP lining will improve flow capacity of the pipe
  • Repairs are fast with minimal downtime
  • Ideal for spot repair of only damaged areas

Afzir engineers can provide you the best solution for repairing of different types of pipes, including concrete water & waste water pipe, steel water & waste water pipe, polymer water & waste water pipes, steel oil & gas pipes and polymer oil & gas pipes.

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