Repairing Tanks with FRP

Concrete, steel or fiberglass tanks are extensively used in various industries to contain water, sewage, oil, and chemicals. The adverse service environment result in fast corrosion and deterioration of tanks. In concrete tanks, cracks in concrete allow passage of moisture and chemicals which expedites corrosion of the reinforcing steel. In steel tanks, the coating on the tank lasts only a few years and the bare metal begins to corrode rapidly. Owners and operators of tanks have a number of options available to repair, reinforce and protect aging and badly corroded infrastructure.  Partial or complete tank repairs mandate long down times, costly equipment and labor intensive installations.  Simplify your repair with a high strength, corrosion resistant composite.  Composites do not corrode like metallic substances giving you a long term, maintenance free solution. The extreme strength and thermal stability of Carbon Fiber composites can withstand operating temperatures up to 250 Fahrenheit and operating pressures above 200 psi.  Tank floor replacement, repairs of leaking sections, or complete tank refurbishment; all these can be done in a fraction the time and cost by using versatile, cutting edge composite technology. Fabrics of carbon or glass FRP saturated with epoxy resin can be applied to the interior or exterior surface of the tank to strengthen the tank. Afzir engineers will calculate the required number of layers and orientation of the fabric for each project and will submit sealed engineering design drawings to the owner.

  • Internal tank reinforcement isolates and protects your tank from further corrosion
  • Creates a structurally independent, corrosion resistant tank within your existing tank
  • Specialty linings available for a wide range of aggressive chemicals including concentrate acid, solvents, alcohols, and a wide range of petroleum products

FRP laminated Tank

FRP laminated Tank

Afzir engineers can provide you the best solution for repairing of different types of tanks, including concrete water & waste water tank, steel water & waste water tank, polymer water & waste water tank, steel oil & gas tank and polymer oil & gas tank.

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