FRP as a Retrofitting Solution for Beams

FRP as a Retrofitting Solution for Beams  can be used to increase the structural performance of both reinforced concrete, steel and wood beam. Given the basic project parameters (specifically the detailed performance goal and the existing capacity of the structural element), Afzir Company engineers will provide a preliminary composite design and cost estimate at no obligation.


FRP as a Retrofitting Solution for Beams
FRP as a Retrofitting Solution for Beams


Features & Benefits:

Among the advantages of GFRP and CFRP are:

  • Increases flexural strength for both positive and negative moment regions
  • Increases shear strength
  • Increases stiffness at service loads
  • Reduces crack widths for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  • Delays future corrosion rate by reducing moisture penetration into beam
  • No reduction in overhead clearance (e.g. in parking garages)
  • Lower cost than conventional methods




Design assistant

AFZIR supports the designers in providing a special service of design consultancy which makes it possible to collaborate with our experienced experts on the strengthening of structures.

Support tools

AFZIR has developed a series of support tools for making a proper choice of materials and offering appropriate technical solutions, regarding mechanical property of materials and projects condition.

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