Bridge Devices

Bridge Devices

Improving structural & seismic performance of a bridge is result of integration of the bridge & its devices. To provide such integration, the devices must be made up of best materials available & with the highest manufacturing quality in order to have a service life as long as the main structure. Afzir provides you high-tech & high quality devices for bridges in Iran. Some of our products are as described below:

1) Cables & Strands:

A cable is a flexible structural component that offers no resistance when compressed or bent in a curved shape. Technically we can say cable has zero bending rigidity. It can only support tensile loading. Cables are often used in engineering structures for support and to transmit load from one point to another when used to support suspension roofs, bridges and trolley wheels, cables form the main load carrying element in the structure.

2) Expansion Joints:

The lengths of structural elements, and of superstructures in particular, change as a result of materials shrinkage, temperature fluctuations and loading variations – perhaps many times in the course of their lives. To avoid surface cracking and possibly more serious damage, the length of each individual structural element is often limited, with gaps between elements to allow movements. These gaps must be bridged over, and made trafficable if appropriate, in every state of expansion. Expansion joints of steel or aluminium offer well-proven solutions. These facilitate variations in length without constraints and cracking, protect the surfaces of adjacent structural elements, and, if necessary, prevent the ingress of water.

3) Bridge Bearings:

A technical solution to the problem of unavoidable movements in bridge structures is the use of bridge bearings. Bridge bearings are small integral parts of the entire bridge structure serving several purposes, such as connection, transfer of forces, allowing movements, force damping etc. However, bridge bearings could create more problems for the bridge structure than it solves if not properly understood, especially when it receives less attention than it deserves. Technical and practical issues, such as selection of the right bearing type for use, merits and demerits of different bearing types, maintenance and monitoring, replacement, life cycle cost etc. are all imperative to ensure that bearings satisfy their purpose.

Design assistant

AFZIR supports the designers in providing a special service of design consultancy which makes it possible to collaborate with our experienced experts on the strengthening of structures.

Support tools

AFZIR has developed a series of support tools for making a proper choice of materials and offering appropriate technical solutions, regarding mechanical property of materials and projects condition.

We are here to help you

AFZIR is at your disposal to help you find the best solution for your needs. Please make a contact with us, we will put you in touch with our experts on the subject.