High Density Cementitious Fireproof Coatings


Afzir high density SFRM is the preferred choice nationwide for use in Petrochemical and other heavy industrial facilities. Its unparalleled performance over its history has been backed by its extensive fire testing easily meeting every major specification worldwide. Its exceptional thermal performance and durability has allowed it to achieve its reputation for being the most reliable and proven material in the industry.

The lightweight and durable composition of Afzir high density SFRM provides the required fire protection with efficiency, predictability and dependability not available in concrete.

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  • Unmatched testing to meet all major Specifications & Approvals,
    including API, NFPA and FM, among others.
  • Proven durability with over 30 years of service.
  • Easiest high density fire protection material to install.
  • Superior physical properties when evaluated to all major ASTM test methods to ensure durability.
  • Lightweight formulation results in reduced dead loads
    (approximately one-third that of concrete).
  • Prevents concrete spalling under impact and thermal shock.
  • Continuous R&D development and unmatched manufacturer support.
  • Worldwide manufacturing ensures availability.
  • Global network of applicators.


Product Uses

Afzir high density SFRM provides efficient, reliable, durable and comprehensive protection to structures within petrochemical facilities. Its superior physical properties are demonstrated by its ability to withstand extreme industrial environments and to provide fire protection in the event of a catastrophic fire. The Afzir high density SFRM system has been specifically designed for use on steel beams, columns, vertical and horizontal steel vessels, and vessel skirts. Each structure within the facility requires its own unique step-by-step process.  

High Density Cementitious Fireproof Coatings
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Afzir Company offers you a wide range of high density SFRM’s for many applications including fireproofing of steel structures.

High Density Cementitious Fireproof Coatings
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