Anti-Static Polyurethane Flooring

Antistatic industrial polyurethane flooring (ASPF™ code) has the ability of electrical conductivity using conductive or isocyanate hardener. This advantage allows the static electricity generated by traffic to be transferred. This is why this product can be used in cases where sparks may be dangerous; Such as ammunition and explosives storage depots, flammable storage depots, electronics industry, control rooms and paint mixing rooms. Another good feature of this product is that it has all the properties and characteristics of industrial polyurethane flooring. In addition, this product is also called anti-spark coating due to the fact that it prevents possible sparks caused by static electricity.


Urethane is an outstanding top coat and sealer for most kinds of epoxy applied over concrete floor coatings. Urethane mortars are ideal for the food and beverage industry because it provides and seamless and smooth floor coating that is moisture and heat resistant. Urethane is also great in a lab or industrial setting because it can be chemical resistant.

If in a project antistatic polyurethane flooring has been used as a cover and after a while it is decided to re-cover it, the following products can be used for re-covering:


If another layer is to be applied immediately after applying the antistatic polyurethane, the following protective coatings can be used:

Two-component epoxy

Mastic epoxy

Moisture-cure polyurethane

Two-component polyurethane

Two-component organic zinc-rich silicate

Key Features

  • Transmission of electrical charges
  • Prevent possible sparks caused by static electricity
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Resistance to dynamic loads and shock vibrations
  • Resistant to tearing and cracking


  • Protective cover for storage of flammable materials
  • Protective cover for storage of ammunition and explosives
  • Protective cover for military industries
  • Protective cover for petrochemical, oil and gas industries
  • Protective cover for the electronics industry
  • Coverage of industrial and packaging factories
  • Protective coverage of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Protective cover for the textile industry
  • Protective cover for cold storages and slaughterhouses
  • Airport protective cover
  • Protective cover for workshops and warehouses
  • Protective cover for gyms
  • Protective cover for hospitals and clean rooms



  • Gray (Available in other colors)

technical specifications

Physical Properties

Gray (Available in other colors)

Mixing ratio



1.5 g/cm3

Optimal thickness

1000 μm

electrical resistance

1 MΩ

Gel time

5 minutes

Initial setting time

24 hours

Final setting time

7 days

Pot life

1 year

technical documents

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of antistatic polyurethane flooring?

Antistatic industrial polyurethane flooring uses an electrically conductive hardener or isocyanate hardener, which allows the static electricity generated by traffic to be transferred.

Does antistatic polyurethane flooring have the ability to conduct electricity?

Yes, it is a feature of antistatic coating to transfer electrical charges.

In what environment is antistatic polyurethane flooring used?

Used in ammunition and explosives storage, flammable storage, electronics, control rooms and paint mixing rooms.

What product is used to replace the new floor covering with antistatic polyurethane floor covering?

Acrylic and epoxy coatings can be used if the project uses antistatic polyurethane flooring as a coating and after a while it is decided to re-coat it.

Why is antistatic polyurethane flooring known as anti-spark coating?

This product is also called anti-spark coating, as it prevents possible sparks from static electricity.

What is the setting time of antistatic polyurethane flooring?

This product reaches the initial setting after 24 hours and the final setting after 7 days.

What is the mixing ratio of the first component with the second component?

The components are combined in a ratio of A: B = 100: 20. In fact, for every 100 components of epoxy resin, 20 components of hardener or hardener are required.

In what colors is antistatic polyurethane flooring available?

This product is available in gray color and can also be offered in other colors.

What tools can be used to apply antistatic polyurethane flooring?

With a roller, brush or pistol, a protective coating can be applied.


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