Structural FireProof Mortar for composite systems

Fireproof coating for FRP

Fireproof coating (code SFM ™ 80) of Afzir company is a single-component product consisting of special fire-retardant materials with spray ability, which can be used in FRP system and protect these fibers against fire for more than 4 hours. SFM ™ 80 fire retardant coating is based on cement and consists of non-combustible and non-flammable materials.

Afzir company fireproof coating is compatible with structural concrete and can be used to increase the fire resistance of existing structural concrete members with low concrete coating. This product is used to protect FRP fibers and various surfaces in many indoor applications.


This coating is a non-toxic, high quality film of intumescent which is used as a water-based fireproofing in a thin film. This product provides structural members such as walls, roofs and other members with fire-retardant and can be used as a part of passive fire-resistance system in buildings. The formula of this product make it capable to provide requirements of International Building Code for all kinds of structural members.

Key Features

  • Provide 4 hours of fire resistance
  • High adhesion resistance
  • Easy and fast installation and execution
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for use in a variety of structures
  • Non-toxic
  • Low odor
  • Smooth architectural grade finish
  • Fully trusted


  • Fire protection coating on all structural components and public places such as: restaurants, hospitals, Nursing homes, schools, Corridors and stairs
  • As FRP top coat in all elements reinforced with these FRP fibers


  • This product is offered in 20 liter buckets.


  • grey

technical specifications

Physical Properties


Theatrical coverage (for 10 mm thickness)

9.5 kg/m2

Shelf time

15 months

Mechanical Properties

0.9-0.95 kg/cm3

Specific weight

600 kg/m3

Heat transfer coefficient

0.29 W/m oC

Compressive strength

10.6 MPa

Application Instructions

Bed preparation

The surface must be clean and dry and free of any materials. Concrete surfaces should be clean and covered with metal primers.


The fireproof coating for FRP must be mechanically agitated in the mixer at medium speed. Stir thoroughly to create a homogeneous mixture. Stirring should be done to prevent air from entering the mixer.


This product can be applied by using rollers, brushes and spraying on the desired surfaces. Fireproof coating for FRP of Afzir company will be applicable from one to several layers as needed. Do not apply too much and do not run the product at temperatures below 10 ° C.

technical documents

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cover is a fire cover?

Fire proofing coating (code SFM ™ 80) of Afzir Company is a single-component product consisting of special fire-retardant materials that can be applied as a spray, which is designed to be used in the FRP system and to protect these fibers against fire.

What is the fire resistance of FRP fire retardant coating?

Fireproof coating can withstand fire for up to 4 hours.

What packaging does FRP fireproof coating come in?

FRP fire cover is supplied in 20 liter buckets.

How much does FRP fireproof coatings cost?

This product is impregnated by spraying on surfaces and semi-skilled manpower can easily work with it, so it has a low implementation cost.

What is FRP fireproof coating made of?

SFM ™ 80 fire retardant coating is based on cement and consists of non-combustible and non-flammable materials.

What colors are fireproof coatings available in?

This type of coating is available in gray.


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