FRP Epoxy Putty

FRP epoxy putty (GEP™ code) is a two-component paste product based on epoxy resins concentrated with special mineral and industrial powders, which does not spread on vertical and horizontal surfaces due to its high viscosity, and is used for laying the substrate for strengthening projects with FRP fibers, structural repairs Concrete surfaces, filling holes and underlaying various concrete and masonry surfaces are used to implement the strengthening of structures. It is a type of repair primer for low-thick repairs of ceramic concrete surfaces for installation of FRP fibers in the works related to reinforcing and strengthening of structures and elements. Epoxy putty is an epoxy-based material that is prepared in two components and can be used for a wide range of repair and installation operations. Putty based on ALTANA epoxy hardener resin, materials with high mechanical, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, excellent adhesion and penetration to surfaces and capillaries, without shrinking and easy to use, are produced by Afzir Reinforcement Company in Iran.


GEP™ is a general-purpose repair epoxy putty and mortar that sets quickly and does not shrink during curing. It creates a very good bond between building materials and has very good mechanical properties as well as excellent chemical stability. For this reason, it is an ideal product for many purposes.

Key Features

  •  Excellent adhesion to concrete and most building materials
  • Obtaining excellent initial and final resistances
  •  Excellent chemical stability
  • Stability against shock and vibration
  •  Colored components to ensure proper mixing
  •  Easy to use and little smell
  • It does not drain and does not flow.
  •  It does not shrink when it dries.
  •  It does not cause steel corrosion.
  •  It is suitable for running on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  •  It has the ability to repair concrete.


  •  Leveling and bedding of bridge decks or metal bumpers, leveling and bedding of different surfaces for installation of FRP fibers and FRP laminate in retrofitting projects
  •  Repairing damaged concrete surfaces and surface cavities in different horizontal, vertical or overhead positions
  •  Filling screw holes and bolts
  •  Ceramic tile substructure
  •  Installation of surface packer for injection in concrete cracks and filling the resulting hole
  •  Bonding metal plates, tape and composite sheets to concrete and other building materials
  • Leveling the bottom layer of the roof and beams


  • in 12 kg packaging (total components)


  • Gray paste (after mixing)

technical specifications

Physical Properties


gray paste (after mixing)

Part A: hard gray paste

Part B: Transparent

Mixing ratio

A: B = 5: 1

Mechanical Properties

Specific weight


Compressive strength (after 7 days)


flexural strength (after 7 days)


Adhesion stability (concrete peels off)


Operating temperature


Final setting time (at 25°C)

7 days

Gel time

60 minutes

technical documents

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FRP epoxy putty?

FRP epoxy putty is a two-component gray paste of resin and mineral powders with high viscosity. Epoxy putty can be used for laying surfaces or as concrete repair mortar. Epoxy putty has very high mechanical characteristics, such as high penetration resistance, high adhesive strength, high impact wear resistance, etc.

What applications does FRP epoxy putty include?

FRP epoxy putty is widely used for the purpose of bedding materials for concrete surfaces in retrofitting projects. In addition, this putty can be used to fill holes, fix surface damages of concrete, stick metal plates and composite sheets to concrete surfaces, etc.

What materials is FRP epoxy putty made of?

FRP epoxy putty is made of epoxy resin concentrated with special mineral and industrial powders.

Which surfaces can epoxy putty be used on?

FRP epoxy putty, due to its high viscosity, can be used on vertical surfaces without spilling, in addition to horizontal surfaces.

What is the mixing ratio of epoxy putty components?

FRP epoxy putty is made with a ratio of 5 parts of component A to 1 part of component B.

What color is FRP epoxy putty?

Epoxy FRP putty consists of two components. The first part of this product is a hard gray paste and the second part is transparent. After mixing these two components together, a gray paste is obtained.

What is the resin used in FRP putty?

In making this type of FRP putty, epoxy resin has been used due to its excellent mechanical characteristics and properties.

What features does FRP epoxy putty include?

Epoxy FRP has unique features such as excellent adhesion to most construction materials, especially concrete, high stability against impact and vibrations, ease of application, low odor during application, high viscosity, which is used on surfaces. It has given verticality without scaling, high resistance to corrosion, etc., are among the features of FRP epoxy putty.

How much is special epoxy putty?

Epoxy FRP putty has a specific weight equal to 1.75 kg per liter.

How much is the price of FRP epoxy putty?

Epoxy putty is priced and sold per kilogram. It is not possible to provide a single price due to the fluctuations in the market. For inquiries or detailed information on the price of FRP epoxy putty, you can contact our experts in Afzir.


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