Steel Jacketing Adhesive

Epoxy adhesive for steel jacket (code ERA™300 and ERA™400) is a two-component material consisting of epoxy resin and hardener. Steel jacket epoxy glue is used to stick steel plates to concrete surfaces in the steel jacketing method. The components of steel jacket epoxy glue are combined in specific proportions and form a material with very high resistance. Steel jacket epoxy adhesive is prepared and distributed in two types of low viscosity (ERA™300) and high viscosity (ERA™400) according to the needs of structural strengthening projects.



  • Special epoxy base glue for steel jacket reinforcement
  • Very high initial and final adhesion strength
  • in two types of high viscosity (gel) and low viscosity (liquid)
  • It is easy to mix and use
  • Very good resistance under permanent loads
  • Adheres well to all types of concrete surfaces.
  • hardening without shrinkage (cracking)
  • Resistant to impact and temperature changes
  • Excellent chemical stability


  • The steel jacket epoxy glue, which has very high adhesive properties, is used to stick steel sheets to various types of concrete surfaces, in the steel jacket strengthening system.


  • Buckets A=20 kg and B=10 kg


  • Gray

technical specifications

Mechanical Properties
Base material

Resin epoxy



compressive strength


Tensile strength


Rupture strain


Operating temperature

-40 to 65 ℃‎

Application Instructions

First, shake each component well. Add component B to component A and mix using a slow spin drill (up to 400 rpm) equipped with a suitable stirrer for three minutes, or until streaks of color disappear and a uniform mixture is obtained. After obtaining a uniform mixture, the steel sheets should be installed on the concrete member using epoxy glue.

technical documents

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by steel jacket epoxy glue?

A material with a two-component structure consisting of epoxy resin and hardener. Steel jacket epoxy glue is used to stick steel plates to concrete surfaces in the steel jacketing method.

How much is the cost of epoxy glue for steel jacket?

Due to the fact that the steel sheets are glued at short distances, it is a bit difficult to glue them, so you have to get the help of a skilled and professional force, so you may have to incur a significant cost for the application of epoxy adhesives.

What is the adhesion strength of steel jacket epoxy glue?

Because concrete and steel are two types of materials with completely different properties, in order to stick them together, a material with excellent adhesion strength must be used, which provides this strength with steel jacket epoxy glue.

What is the tensile strength of steel jacket epoxy glue?

The compressive strength of the steel jacket epoxy adhesive is 90 MPa.


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