FRP Epoxy Laminate Adhesive

FRP laminate epoxy adhesive (ERA code ™ 420) is a two-component structure consisting of epoxy resin and hardener. FRP epoxy laminate adhesive is used for bonding different types of FRP laminate consisting of carbon laminate and glass laminate on concrete surfaces as well as gluing steel sheets to concrete surfaces. The components of FRP laminate epoxy adhesive are combined in certain proportions to form a material with very high adhesion properties.


FRP laminate epoxy resin adhesive is an epoxy-based product with high shear strength. FRP laminate epoxy adhesive has a wide range of applications. One of the main applications of FRP laminate epoxy adhesive, as its name implies, is in bonding FRP laminate to concrete surfaces. FRP epoxy laminate adhesive is a two-component product consisting of two resins and a hardener and is used to bond internal and external surfaces. The combination of a white paste (component A) and a grey paste (component B), result in a light grey paste.

Epoxy laminate resin adhesive does not change its mechanical and chemical properties due to temperature changes. Features of FRP laminate epoxy resin adhesive include high adhesion, strength and optimal resistance to the damaging effects of vibration.

Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive does not contain solvent or water, so can be applied to difficult substrates. These unique adhesives are ideally suited for a wide range of electronic, industrial, structural, and jewelry applications.

Key Features

  • Very high initial and final adhesion resistance
  • Easy application and use
  • Very good resistance under constant loads
  • Adheres well to a variety of concrete, steel, stone and other surfaces.
  • Non-shrinkage hardening (cracking)
  • Resistant to impact and temperature change
  • Has excellent penetration and obstruction of fine cracks created on the concrete surface
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Ideal for use on vertical surfaces
  • High mechanical properties
  • No need for primer


  • Covering concrete surfaces against moisture with FRP epoxy laminate resin adhesive
  • Can be used in urban areas
  • Bonding new concrete to old concrete with FRP laminate epoxy adhesive
  • Connecting FRP laminate to concrete surfaces
  • Use FRP laminate epoxy adhesive as sealant and insulation on doors and windows
  • Jointing of precast segmental bridge units
  • Bonding rubber bearing pads for highways and railways



  • grey

technical specifications

Mechanical Properties

Chemical base

Resin epoxy


1535 Kg/m3

compressive strength

85 MPa

Tensile strength

17 MPa

Fracture strain


Curing temperature


technical documents

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frp Laminate Epoxy Adhesive?

Frp epoxy laminate adhesive has a highly adhesive that can provide excellent bonding between concrete and Frp sheets or laminates or other building materials. These adhesives are made of epoxy resin and hardener in predetermined proportions.

What are the features of Frp laminate epoxy adhesive?

FRP epoxy laminate adhesives have excellent properties such as very good resistance under constant loads, excellent adhesion to all types of concrete, steel, stone, etc., non-shrinkage and hardening, impact resistance and temperature change, excellent chemical stability and ... enjoys.

What color is Frp laminate epoxy adhesive?

Frp epoxy laminate adhesives are gray after final mixing of its components.

What are the uses of Frp epoxy laminate adhesive?

The most common application of Frp laminate epoxy adhesive, due to its very high adhesive strength, is seen in the installation of Frp laminates on concrete surfaces for reinforcement. However, this adhesive is also used in the installation of most building materials, such as steel, on concrete surfaces.

How many parts is Frp laminate epoxy adhesive?

Frp epoxy laminate adhesive consists of two components. One component of these adhesives is epoxy resin and the other is a hardener.

How much is Frp laminate epoxy adhesive gel?

Frp laminate epoxy adhesive provides 30 minutes of working time or gel time at 20 °C.

What is the price of Frp laminate epoxy adhesive?

Frp laminate epoxy adhesive is sold in the market per kilo. It is not possible to offer a single price due to fluctuations in the market. For this purpose, you can contact our experts in Afzir to inquire about the exact price of Frp laminate epoxy adhesive.

How to make Frp laminate epoxy adhesive?

You can apply for Frp laminate epoxy adhesive through suppliers of building materials as well as suppliers of reinforcement materials. Afzir Reinforcement Company is one of the most experienced companies in the field of supplying reinforcement materials, consulting, design and execution.

At what levels can Frp laminate epoxy be applied?

Frp epoxy laminate adhesive, due to its good viscosity, can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

What is the proper temperature for applying Frp laminate epoxy adhesive?

The best temperature for the best results from Frp laminate epoxy adhesives is 5 to 30 degrees Celsius.


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